Fitoimun Syntez insectofungicide

Product of powerful preventive and curative effect for protection of agricultural, fruit, berry, vegetable and ornamental crops against a wide range of diseases and pests. The combination of 12 organic active ingredients provides an effective and comprehensive solution to the problem. 

It is used for seed treatment and throughout the growing season before harvesting.


0,5 l

1 l

5 l

10 l
  • has high preventive and curative effect;
  • has a long-lasting systemic effect;
  • reduces the number of treatments per season;
  • absorbed quickly, lowering the risk of washing off with rain;
  • does not cause resistance;
  • non toxic to humans, pets, safe for the environment.

Store in a sealed package, in a dark place at a temperature of +5 to +25 degrees and a relative humidity of 75%.

Shake before use.