Zhyva М Syntez antistressant of stimulating action

A complex concentrate of liquid fertilizer which provides excellent results in the cultivation of agricultural, fruit and berry, vegetable and ornamental crops due to the content of a balanced amount of macro- and microelements, amino acids, polysaccharides and all the necessary elements for nutrition and stimulation of growth.


0,5 l

1 l

5 l

10 l
  • increases seed germination,
  • promotes rapid and isogonic growth,
  • protects seedlings from adverse environmental factors,
  • stimulates active budding and splendid blossom,
  • preserves and increases vegetative green mass,
  • increases crop yields up to 20-60%,
  • improves the nutritional and eating qualities of the crop,
  • prevents leaves from overdrying and chlorosis,
  • increases the resistance to adverse environmental factors,
  • helps to obtain products suitable for long-term storage and transportation.

The results of the application are noticeable in a week.

  • 200l / ha for field crops
  • 200-400 l / ha for vegetables crops
  • berries and fruit crops – 200-600 l / ha

When irrigating, the concentration of the working solution should not exceed 100 ml / m3 of irrigation water.

Store in a sealed package, in a dark place at a temperature of +5 to +25 degrees and a relative humidity of 75%.

Shake before use.