Complex for dressing grain and leguminous crops

For pre-sowing treatment of all types of cereals and legumes

Complex for dressing industrial crops

For pre-sowing treatment of oilseeds, sugar and starch crops

Complex for pickling vegetable crops

For pre-sowing treatment of all vegetable crops and microgreens

Complex for pickling fruit and berry crops

For processing before planting of seedlings of all types of fruit trees, grapes, bush berry cultures and strawberries

Universal etching complex

For garden flowers, houseplants, lawns, conifers and other ornamental plants

The seed dressing with our preparations is a guarantee:

  • high-quality production of friendly, healthy seedlings and the development of a powerful root system;
  • protection against pathogens that live in soil and seeds, as well as protection against soil and ground pests at the initial stage of plant development;
  • protection of seedlings and an increase in yield results even with insufficient soil moisture;
  • increase the potential yield of crops.

High-quality growth and development with minimal costs

Costs for the most common crops:

  • Flax 4-34 UAH / ha *
  • Corn 12 UAH / ha *
  • Spring wheat 26-128 UAH / ha *
  • Milk thistle 5-12 UAH / ha *
  • Phacelia 5-12 UAH / ha *
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage 0,48 UAH / 1000pcs

* Depending on the seeding rate

Long-term practice and world experience proves that about 30% of the saved crop depends on high-quality processing of the seed